It’s NOT a workout programme…
it’s a way of life.





I'm Jemma, chief Hubber at Jemmas Health Hub, a personal trainer
and mum to 2 spritely boys.

I know first hand just how difficult it is to find time to fit in exercise;
and how hard it is to get be motivated to get to classes or the gym I set up
The Hub so we could all follow along together from our own home.


I promote exercise as therapy, and I truly believe that it has magical powers.

I workout to improve and maintain my own mental health, my main aim is now
to help others see that it’s not about weight or physical appearance...
it’s about how good exercise makes us FEEL.


If you’re curious, come and join us in The Hub.

You’re not tied in .. you can cancel at anytime, no questions asked.

It’s just £29 every 4 weeks.. #hublife




Please get in-touch if you would like to book a private training session,
have any questions or press enquiries

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