Got 5? LIVE.......


You might have noticed if you follow me that my ethos is 'little and often' I believe any workout / movement is better than nothing.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the matter and seeing that even 5 minutes of intense exercise can be more beneficial than 30 minutes at a moderate level.

Start small and focus on the ‘habit’ of adding more movement to your day. The mindset of thinking 'oh if I don’t have 30 / 60 mins it’s not worth it' can be one of the main barriers. – I know it was for me in the past. I used to think, 'ok I don’t have time to do a proper workout today, I’ll leave it until I can give it my full attention and have the time.' But you CAN get out of breath in 5 minutes I promise you.

Then... about 10 mins after a pulse raising session those little babies called endorphins creep in and magically perk you up a notch.

So my challenge to you ladies – (and gents if you like) is to give me 5 mins of your day at 7am and 8pm from tomorrow (Weds 21st) when I’ll be doing ‘GOT 5 LIVE’ on Instagram stories.

I want to see if this can make a difference to you. I would like some dedicated Mummas to trial it out and show up each day - then to give me feedback.

5 mins is not a long time, let’s do this. Let’s work on making a little exercise a daily habit like brushing your teeth.

See you there.x


The workouts will be simple, but HIIT based so if you are pregnant, have any injuries, or have not yet been signed off by your GP post pregnancy, I’m sorry but please sit this one out.

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