'Inveniam Viam' – We shall find a way or make one.

Hi lovely person reading.... thanks for popping by to my first ever blog.. agh!! (story behind title is below btw)

Ok so there won’t be tons of health and fitness advice in this first one I’m afraid. I’m going to give you my back story and my reasons for putting yet another blog out there. I'll keep it short and sweet.

In a school yearbook I would have been ‘Person least likely to go into the world of fitness and wellbeing’. (My nickname at school was ‘Chief taster for Mr Kipling’ - bloody cruel kids!)

I was never heavily into sport, I did a few exercise classes in the hope that I would become stick thin and happy as a result, never keeping anything up or getting results. I was a little chubby, smoked, drank and my moods were an uncontrollable rollercoaster and my face was puffy all the time due to a naivety about foods that bloated me out.

I didn't really like my body, but looking back I was so confident in other areas.

After I’d been pregnant and had Jude at aged 29, my attitude to my body and exercise changed completely - I started to use it to keep my pecker up, I totally didn’t expect the sadness and loneliness that came with being a new mum to creep up on me, it was confusing, why was I sad most of the time? I managed to keep it at bay with little ‘at home workouts’ and I found going for a 10 min jog round the block when my husband got in really cleared my head for a while. In fact exercise helped me so much with my mood and confidence that I wanted to retrain and pursue a career in fitness to help others.

I managed to study in the evenings and at weekends whilst working at my job in marketing agencies, and the week I qualified as a Level 3 trainer, I fell pregnant with my second son, I was thrilled but I couldn’t give up work for financial reasons so the career in fitness went on the back burner.

I continued to exercise right up until Buddys birth, then during my maternity leave in 2016 I set up Mummas Health Hub, mainly as a platform to share little tips to help mums fit in exercise during the day and to just let other mums know it’s not all about hard core programmes or getting back in your jeans. And the amount of Mums on my wavelength has been so refreshing. (I also created my Pack of Hacks, which you can see more of on the other pages here)

Last month I did something that on paper sounds mad. I handed my notice in at a flexible marketing job, that I’m pretty good at with no leads, no other job, in the middle of a house refurbishment, with 2 kids. Yes I said it was mad…BUT in my heart I knew I was doing the right thing.

So….I am setting up a business helping mummas fit exercise into their day, blogging, (perhaps vlogging) and always keeping my core values at heart.

Motivational, Honest and Kind.

Kindness is so important to me. (god that sounds twee when I write it down) but it’s been the kindness and support of others that has kept me going.

Expect blogs about fitness / the biz / mini workout vids / events and hopefully some offers from cool brands that I’m working with. *

*or expect me to be a crumpled heap on the floor in a months time.

Inveniam Viam – We shall find a way or make one.

My husband told me a story about this phrase last month.. Some football dude, Antonio Conte, held a Christmas party and handed out a bottle of Prosecco as a gift to everyone at the event, staff, players, guests, cleaners, chefs... with a hand written note saying - 'Inveniam Viam We shall either find a way or make one' I've fallen in love with this sentiment and I'm determined to live by it.

No excuses.

Laters xxx

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